Brand Story

Dr. SinhDr. Sinh is an accredited Harvard-trained Doctor in the Boston area and trained Anesthesiologist.

Dr. Sinh Nguyen’s accredited medical background and prior virus research (Nguyen, Rosen, Koop, 2005) enabled him to invent this revolutionary product that has the potential to save millions of lives.

At the outset of Covid, Dr. Sinh identified a fractured supply chain in the USA. Healthcare workers, state & federal agencies, and the public would not have access to enough face masks. His initial objective was to ensure everyone has access to FDA-registered PPE, not counterfeit or unregistered products that subsequently engulfed the medical supply market. Second, he always believed that wearing the “right” mask would be the most important defense against infection. He lives most of his life in operating rooms on the east coast alongside top surgeons. Dr. Sinh witnessed Doctors and Nurses struggling to find comfort and breathability forced to wear N95’s or double masking. He analyzed the science and aesthetics, which led to developing a proprietary 4ply mask with carbon activation filtration. Dr. Sinh sent his Liz’N Health masks through Nelson Testing Labs, the gold standard for the FDA. The test reports came back with the results...99.53% particulate filtration, far better than most face masks being sold to Hospitals and offered to the public. The next step was to have these cleared and registered with the FDA. The FDA granted Dr. Sinh Level 3 certification as a Surgical mask for the operating room and listed Liz’N Health Surgical Mask 3D as a medical device under the designation FXX.

In test case studies, Doctors and Clinicians began providing feedback. Liz’N Health Surgical Mask 3D is simply the most comfortable and breathable mask they have ever worn, long-wearing, and with the highest protection. Reports by Virus Researchers & Medical professionals pour in alerting the public to avoid using cloth & disposable masks, which offer little to no protection against any variants. We believe the need for Surgical Mask 3D is vital to protect the medical community as well as school systems and any indoor business where the public is at risk for infection.


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